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Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014

From towering elephants to tiny insects, photographers will be offering a rare insight into the natural world at this year’s Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014. The festival, formerly known as WildPhotos, is the UK’s largest wildlife photography show. The Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014 will be taking place between 24-26 October at London’s Royal Geographical Society.

A snorkeller photographing a whale shark as it feeds, Yucatan Peninsular, Mexico. (Photo by Alexander Mustard/Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014)

A ground squirrel. (Photo by Sam Hobson/Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014)

Common toads mating in a crystal-clear stream, Italy. (Photo by Angel Fitor/Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014)

Dolphin fish caught in the process of fishing for tuna in the Mediterranean. (Photo by Angel Fitor/Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014)

Chamois in the Apennines, Italy. (Photo by Bruno D’Amicis/Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014)

Halik, a 26-year-old male Sumatran orangutan, Gunung Leuser National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia. (Photo by Fiona Rogers/Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014)

A macro shot of an insect. (Photo by Alex Hyde/Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014)

Red deer in winter, Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, Netherlands. (Photo by Paul Klaver/Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014)

The Suriname conehead katydid. (Photo by P. Naskrecki/Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014)

Remote camera trap. (Photo by Will Burrard-Lucas/Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014)

A female common toad in a Bristol park pond with a male frog clamped to its back. (Photo by Sam Hobson/Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014)

Lake ice, winter, Estonia. (Photo by Sven Zacek/Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014)

Northern gannets diving for fish off their colony on Bass Rock, Scotland. (Photo by Zoltan Nagy/Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014)

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