Couple Replaced 100 Framed Stock Photos At IKEA With Photos Of Themselves

According to Erikas Mališauskas: “IKEA should have been prepared for this. Thank God it wasn’t.

Have you ever noticed framed stock photos in IKEA room displays? We think they’re too boring and fake as hell. That’s why my girlfriend and I have decided to replace every framed photo in IKEA Vilnius with photos of ourselves.

Firstly, we had to count the framed photos in the store. Apparently, there are more than 100 framed photos in IKEA! It was quite a task to find that many photos of ourselves. Thanks to Instagram archives, we did pretty well. Next, we headed to local print-shop to have it all printed. Finally, we chose Saturday, the most crowded day in IKEA, to accomplish our mission without getting caught.”

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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