“Bloody Kisses”: Horror, Dark And Obscure Self-Destructed Photo Portraits Of Jenn Violetta – Design You Trust

“Bloody Kisses”: Horror, Dark And Obscure Self-Destructed Photo Portraits Of Jenn Violetta

Jenn Violetta is an artist with a dark and stormy photographic work. What we know is that her name (or nickname) is Jenn Violetta, she probably lives in Seattle and she makes amazing dark digital photo manipulations. She usually depicts her head exclusively, and her style is dark, creepy and often disturbing. In every one of her works, her face appears someway ruined, with blood flowing from scars or from the mouth with black-and-blue lips as if she has been beaten. Her skin is livid, covered in bandages at times, or juxtaposed together with flames and smoke.

It’s not for us to know if Jenn is trying to give a tangible form to her fears, if she’s expressing her own condemnation of violence on women or if she just enjoys the process of mangling her face. The result, anyways, is always amazing and I consider her one of the best digital dark artist around these days.

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