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Anti-Coyote Vests For Dogs Are More Punk Rock Than You’d Expect

If you don’t live in an area populated by coyotes, you might be a tad confused when you first see a dog sporting an ensemble like this one:

What at first glance appears to be a very odd Halloween costume is actually a Coyote Vest—a special coat of armor designed to protect your dog from this wild predator. The vest is made from Kevlar, the same puncture-resistant material used by law enforcement, and fitted with spikes on the neck and sides to prevent bites. But its most unique feature, perhaps, is the “coyote whiskers”—bright nylon bristles attached to the back which make the dog appear larger and more threatening to animals looking for their next meal.

As funny as coyote vests look, they have a sad backstory, as they were invented in 2014 by San Diego resident Paul Mott after his dog was attacked and dragged off by a coyote, never to be seen again. Based on the testimonials, it seems like these vests are pretty effective at warding off potential attackers. And if you can protect your best friend and make them look metal at the same time, it’s just an added bonus.

More: Coyote Vest, Twitter h/t: msn

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