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2014 National Geographic Photo Contest, Week 7, Part 2

“Grassland Fog”. This photo was taken in September 2014 while travelling to Inner Mongolia. I was very lucky to see this unusual Advection fog in one early morning. I was told this only happen few times a year. Photo location: Inner Mongolia, China. (Photo and caption by Libby Zhang/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Through the golden road”. Just a short while on a late winter morning, you can see this road with metasequoia leaves. After a few hours, the road is distorted by car’s sliding and swinging. If you are lucky enough, you can see this. A combination between nature and human beings. Photo location: Takashima, Japan. (Photo and caption by Takahiro Bessho/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“The Climb”. I had noticed this impala kill wedged in a tree early that morning. What followed must be one of the most grueling and rewarding experiences in my photographic career. By 1pm the leopard had still not returned, and I decided to stake out the kill. There was only one good angle from where the base of the tree and possible ascent angle would be visible, and I picked that spot. 5 minutes before we HAD to leave, the leopard casually strolled to the base of the tree, and proceeded to ascend like a bullet up the bark, exactly how I had envisioned it. I love it when a plan comes together! Photo location: Kruger National Park, South Africa. (Photo and caption by Morkel Erasmus/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Lightning”. Lightning in Vergi Port. Photo location: Estonia. (Photo and caption by Kristjan Madalvee/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“I win”. As the boss of his flock, this male Mute Swan of Lake Ontario has won countless border disputes with other males. Showing off his spectacular remiges every now and then is a reminder of his absolute dominance over other birds. Photo location: Toronto, Canada. (Photo and caption by Swan Bird/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Breached”. This humpback whale breached several times perhaps in hopes of communicating the oncoming threat of transient Killer Whales who have been known to kill humpback calfs and were later spotted traveling towards this particular humpback and her calf (not in view). Photo location: Tolmie Chanel, Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo and caption by Cael Cook/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Athabasca Canyon”. Athabasca Canyon taken in Jasper National Park. Photo location: Alberta, Canada. (Photo and caption by Candice Gordon/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Unexpected encounter”. The prey and the predator, the biodiversity and the food chain. In the blue Pacific, I realized a series of pictures of the great white shark when suddenly I saw the corner of my eye get a sea lion on the right. And it is the unexpected encounter, sea lion face to face with his worst enemy. How the story ends? Photo location: Gudalaupe Island, Mexico. (Photo and caption by Marc Henauer/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Siberian”. A trained Siberian Tiger runs straight at me on a cold January day. His large paws carry his impressive body through the snow with incredible ease. He is looking at me. I am lying down in the snow to get a low angle. Although I know he is trained, my heart is pounding at the sight of this amazing predator closing in. Photo location: Bozeman, Montana, USA. (Photo and caption by Michel Zoghzoghi/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Great Grey Owl”. My favourite animal is the great grey owl. They are absolutely beautiful creatures, flying silently through the forests. I travelled to Finland to try to find these owls in early 2014. After many fruitless efforts driving around snow covered fields, I spotted this owl silhouetted against the sky in a tree. Using dead voles to supplement their diet through the winter (sourced from local people who catch them already), I was able to capture this image of an individual swooping down to its meal. This one image made the whole trip very worthwhile, and I will treasure the experience forever. Photo location: Finland. (Photo and caption by Will Nicholls/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Mt. Fuji with Sunflower”. Dawn of the day of summer. At the foot of Mt. Fuji, the sunflower is in all glory. It seems that a sunflower celebrates the sun of summer. Photo location: Kawaguchi-ko, Yamanashi, Japan. (Photo and caption by 立志 湯浅/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Apartments for Salamanders”. When walking through my garden I was surprised to find ths salamander in a hosta leaf. Photo location: Oxford, CT. (Photo and caption by Andrey Antov/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Melancholy Flamingo”. A resting flamingo with a melancholy expression. Photo location: Florida. (Photo and caption by John Trent/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“A Mothers Tail”. A baby cub pulls on his mother’s tail to get attention. Photo location: Masai Mara, Kenya. (Photo and caption by Tori Marsh/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Winter wonderland”. Morning in bog… fresh snow, first sunlight, silent, innocent nature… Estonia – wonderland. Photo location: Viru bog, Estonia. (Photo and caption by Jan Lepamaa/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Bright Morning”. How are yooou doing??? Burrowing Owlet portrait. Photo location: Cooper City, Florida. (Photo and caption by Patrick Castleberry/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Penumbra”. Imagen Captada en una hacienda del pueblo de San Diego en Valencia Venezuela. Photo location: Venezuela. (Photo and caption by Alejandro Iglesias/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Volcanic Sunset”. Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to shoot the Holuhraun volcanic eruption. After several days waiting for good flying weather, I got my OK and went on the helicopter. I was incredibly lucky to have both a spectacular pink sunset and a new, red-hot lava formation in the foreground. I must have driven the helicopter pilot crazy going over this segment again and again, but in the end, I got what I wanted! Photo location: Holuhraun, Iceland. (Photo and caption by Erez Marom/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Eclosion”. Once a year, new chicks are born on the farm. Sometimes lucky to be at the time to catch this moment of life. The chick was after his birth warm and dry under his mum’s wings. Photo location: Nova Scotia, Canada. (Photo and caption by Beatrice Schuler/National Geographic Photo Contest)

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