“Flower Power”: The Superb Floral Photography and Collages by Ashley Marie

The flower portrait series began after a Surrealism in fashion class where the Ashley Marie had been sourcing copies of old masters still life paintings to use as lighting references.

These two points alongside the artist’s love of fine art photography brought this vibrant portfolio to life. The juxtaposition of old and new is a recurring theme for the photographer meets collage artist. And what better way than to marry two elements of beauty together in the form of beautiful faces and beautiful flowers?

More: Instagram h/t: beyondphotography

The title “Flower Portraits” is to be taken at face value. As with all creative ideas, the concept emerged from subconscious ideas. But the artist began questioning the reasons behind her desire to create these images in the first place. Why are we so obsessed with beauty? We live in a world that idealises beauty and its relationship to youth; these fickle idealisms are fleeting and they wither much like flowers do.

Still life paintings of the masters derived from the need to capture beauty before beauty passed also. The transience of beauty is strongly tied to Vanitas and all beauty and life inevitably meets decay and death. This on-going series has a long future ahead with more sitters and more diversity to follow as Ashley Marie continues to explore the fine lines between beauty and society in relation to historical conventions.

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