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Beautiful On-Point Cartoon Characters Recreated From Images That This Artist Took Of Herself

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Amy Revives is already a renowned artist for her relatable comics. However, she maintains another Instagram account solely dedicated to her illustrations.

One particularly captivating project that has garnered attention from both us and her followers is where Amy transforms herself into a cartoon character. Below, we’ve compiled a list of images where the artist juxtaposes her photo alongside a drawing, and the outcomes are simply delightful.

More: Instagram, Patreon h/t: boredpanda

[image] 1103428
[image] 1270074
[image] 1777839
[image] 2302394
[image] 2803089
[image] 3290014
[image] 3296416
[image] 3889182
[image] 4947863
[image] 5183581
[image] 5310682
[image] 5451630
[image] 5577322
[image] 5824907
[image] 6112531
[image] 6200008
[image] 7412302
[image] 8802047
[image] 8864378
[image] 9019964
[image] 9549185
[image] 9818979

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