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Highline Festival in Monte Piana: Hammocks Miles above Ground


Doesn’t taking a nap in a hammock outdoors sound lovely? Perhaps not when you’re hanging in the air, thousands of feet above ground, between two mountains in the Italian Alps! Which is exactly what these adventurous folks did during the International Highline Meeting in Monte Piana, Italy.

For this stunt a special highline set up was rigged which could carry the weight of all the people on the line at the same time. In total there were 22 in 16 hammocks on the main line. The line was around 50m above the ground and 50m in distance. The whole action lasted around 2 hours and the people involved were highline athletes attending on the festival. The action took place at around 2200 – 2400 m.a.s.l. and most of the people stayed up on the mountain during the whole festival for a whole week. (Photos by Sebastian Wahlhuetter Photography)


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