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Incredible Storm Chaser Pictures


A photographer has weathered some of America’s most violent storms to capture these stunning snaps. Storm chaser Mike Mezeul II, 30, has traveled all over the US to shoot the likes of mammoth thunderstorms and surreal cloud patterns. His incredible collection of storm images are the result of more than 15 years of photography and thousands of miles of travel. The photographer, from Frisco in Texas, USA, became interested in storm chasing aged 16 when he got his first car. He has since shot ferocious storms as far north as the Canadian border and as far south as Mexico. Here: Mike waiting for the storm at Cheyenne, Wyoming, June 2014.

A severe thunderstorm lights up from intercloud lightning over Graham, Texas on April 2014.

A storm circles in Courtney, Oklahoma, April 2014.

Mammatus clouds glow various colors over a dirt road in Friona, Texas during a severe thunderstorm in May, 2014.

The waves and clouds reflect each other at Lake Lewisville, Lewisville, Texas on March 2013.

A cloud-to-ground lightning bolt strikes over Albany, Texas as the Milky Way shines above, May 2011.

A tornado gathering energy at Chickasha, Oklahoma on May 2011.

A storm brewing over fields in Ringling, Oklahoma on April 2014.

Mike running toward the tornado in Chickasha, Oklahoma on May 2011.

Thunder and lightning strike over Denton, Texas, June 2012.

Mike capturing the storm in Big Spring, Texas on May 2014.

Multiple cloud-to-ground lightning bolts strike down at sunset from a supercell near Throckmorton, Texas on April, 2014.

A tornado gathers energy in Blanchard, Oklahoma – May 2011.

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