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This Engineer Creates Incredible 3D Calligraphy That Leaps Off The Page


Turkish calligrapher and graphic designer Tolga Girgin, previously featured for his 3D calligraphic work, has since produced even more stunning pieces. He experiments with perspective and shadow, creating optical illusions that make his words appear to be standing upright on paper, or weaving through the lines in notebooks.

h/t: boredpanda, designtaxi


“My wife Zeynep encouraged me to start calligraphy,” Girgin told Calligraphy Masters. “She likes my handwriting and wanted me to share them on the web. A short word is very easy for me, about 20 minutes. But if I want to do it on two pieces of paper, or a sentence, I have to make some calculations, so it takes up to 2 or 3 hours sometimes.”


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