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15 Pictures of Nature That Are One Big NOPE


Nature is so scary you’ll want to stay indoors for good.

The inside of a leatherback sea turtle’s mouth.


A crocodile eating a bull shark.


Hippos annihilating a crocodile.


An orca whale leaping 15 feet out of the water.


This massive fruit bat will haunt your dreams.


Nightmares of the deep sea…


This Sperm Whale has seen some shit!


1.21 gigawatts!


Oh, just some giant Hornets…


An eagle carrying a fox!


No, thank you…


Sharks can be found in rivers too.


This Christmas tree-looking caterpillar from hell.


This parasite replaces its host’s tongue by eating it.


Just a snake eating a dinosaur.


Via eBaum’s World

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