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Out Of Town Backpacks

Out Of Town Backpack is a French backpack brand with a functional, minimalistic design. The «Friday bag» has been conceptualized and created by Out Of Town to function as aseamless link between ones weekday and weekend life.

Created by 3 childhood friends – a photographer, a journalist, and an entrepreneur – Out Of Town is all about minimalistic, versatile, rugged products adapted for the use of both city dwellers and adventurers alike.

As a single day is made of many defining moments, OOT backpack enables you to up and leave at the drop of a hat with a single accessory in tow that will carry what you most need with you on your adventure (clothing, laptop, camera, papers, books).

The brand also underlines the importance given to its outlasting design as opposed to «fast fashion» : They only use highest-quality fabrics, sourced locally in France.

«Our backpacks are designed for young people venturing into the outdoors in search of adventure, without compromising on their taste for well-crafted tools and technology, and adhering to an aesthetic need of city dwellers.»

Out Of Town will be making the most of Kickstarter’s new venture into France, by being one of the first French projects to start a crowdfunding campaign on this platform. This campaign will act as a way to develop the first collection of backpacks, giving worldwide access to its first range of items which will be created in a limited series for Kickstarter. Available as soon as autumn 2015, the first OOT backpacks will be offered at discount price, starting June 1st on Kickstarter, for 30 days.


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