‘One by One’. Craft meets Mass Production.

Furniture project by Alejandro Cerón. ‘One by One’ combines craft and mass production through a playful technic. The steel frames are made by hand in a very crafted way. On the other side the silicon rings are casted massively in different molds. Shapes and colors in each piece are completely unique.

The ‘One by One’ pieces play with our visual perception depending on the perspective from where we look at them, volumens become not that solid and what seems to be actually it is not.

‘One by One’ pieces create quite some debate or discussion between people using or just looking at them. If they are confortable enough or not, or they look more like art, so then they are not design objects… these are interesting issues that do not concern us. What we are sure about is that they are perfect for stimulation of children´s brain due to their colors, organic shapes and high tactile contrast between their materials.

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