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“Exodar”: The Superb Dark Graphic Design Experiments of Tom Arena

Tom Arena is an allround creative from Geneva, Switzerland. He’s mostly known for his motocross and rave influenced graphic design work on Instagram.

“An artist who likes to explore different approaches to graphic design and walk the corridors of the mind,” he describes himself.

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“Ever since I was a child i’ve had this urge for drawing. Basically, I wanted to become an automotive designer. However, somewhere halfway art school the swiss federation did not recognise this education anymore. We suddenly changed our education against our will. After this we all became graphic designers, even though that was not what we signed up for. I had a lot of trouble doing this, because we were trained to make graphics in a “swiss” style which is very sober and refined. I hated it and i was the worst designer of my class. After that, I started out my Instagram account, experimented and here I am now,” he told Dreadlabs.

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