Photos Show Mother Hippopotamus Taking a Chunk Out of Crocodile in South Africa

Incredible images capture the moment a mother hippo wrestles with a crocodile at Lake Panic in Kruger National Park, South Africa. (Photo by Ken Haley / Greatstock / Barcroft)

The amateur photographer who took the pictures says the hippo must have felt that her calf – who was around a hundred metres away – was under threat. (Photo by Ken Haley / Greatstock / Barcroft)

The crocodile who was ‘minding its own business’ thrashes wildly to get away from the hippo who wraps her jaws around its body. (Photo by Ken Haley / Greatstock / Barcroft)

After scaring away the crocodile, the mother then returns to her calf who was sitting by the edge of the lake. (Photo by Ken Haley / Greatstock / Barcroft)

The photographer who took the pictures said: ‘The hippo held its grip for a couple of seconds before the crocodile was able to escape into the safety of the dam’. (Photo by Ken Haley / Greatstock / Barcroft)

Via The Daily Mail

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