Squirrel Snapper Seems To Take Shots Of Pigeon Models As Equipment Is Left In London Park

Adorable pictures capture the creatures placing their paws on the equipment as some curious pigeons appear to act as their photography subjects. Photographer Jeff Moore was testing out an old film camera at Bunhill Memorial Park and Gardens to use in his darkroom workshop.

He had placed the equiptment on the ground to capture the squirrels, but the creatures decided to take over.

He said: “Myself and my friend have a dark room. We do photography courses teaching people how to shoot and process film. I went there to test the camera. I had walked past that park a couple of days before but I had never been there. You think that squirrels in St James’s Park are friendly, you should see these squirrels. People were having their lunch and feeding them. We thought we would test the film with pictures of these squirrels. They just started jumping all over it basically. And then their pigeon mates came along to have their picture taken.”

Although they did try, Mr Moore said the squirrels didn’t snap any pictures as they didn’t reach the shutter button on the front of the camera.

h/t: dailymail

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