Artist Brynn Metheny Re-Imagined Sharks As… Cats! – Design You Trust

Artist Brynn Metheny Re-Imagined Sharks As… Cats!

Artist Brynn Metheny had a little fun when she mashed up two of the greatest hunters in the world: sharks of the sea and house cats of the land. The results surely are interesting… and dare we say that some of them are kind of cute?

More info: Brynn Metheny, Facebook, Instagram

“It was a normal day when I grabbed my sketchpad and began to doodle. What came out were scribbles of a horrible little creature: the Shark Cat. The initial design was based on the thresher shark. I found that the short face and extremely large eyes worked well with the cat aesthetic. However, as I kept sketching, I noticed that almost any shark species could be adapted,” Brynn wrote.

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