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Inflate Your Cat’s Holy Ego With This Buddhist Statue Scratching Post From Japan

The “Cat Club” (Neko-bu) division of Japanese online retailer Felissimo has put out some creative feline bedding situations in the past. Today, you can add holy kitty claw maintenance to their list of cute cat products, as they’ve just released a scratching post that turns your cat into a feline Buddhist statue!

More: Felissimo h/t: grapee

It’s called the Kouhai Scratching Post. Kouhai are the halo found on Buddhist sculptures, which are meant to represent light emitting from the Buddha. While most cats consider themselves to have divine sovereignty over the household, now they can look the part while get their claws some scratching practice. The lotus-shaped pedestal (rendai) has a curved scratching board, but your newly enlightened cat may simply choose to look holy while sleeping on it.

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