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Photographer Takes Delightful Fat Cat Pictures To Show Chubby Cats Are Adorable


What you’re about to see in the gallery below sure is cute, but please try to resist and not do it to your pet cat. Chubby cats are adorable, just think of Garfield, but I’m sure that it’s not the healthier condition real cat can be in. Note that many of these cats on the fat cat pictures series are already on diets. However, the topic of this article is cuteness and not health, so we’ll focus on that. Anyway, few extra pounds can happen to anyone, right?

One Toronto photographer has noticed that chubby cat cuteness has been underappreciated and decided to change that for good by capturing their charm in the fat cat pictures series.

Pete Thorne’s project, Fat Cats, put the chubby kittens at the spotlight and deliver truly adorable cat portraits which will not leave you indifferent, for sure. He already worked with pets before on Old Faithful, a photo series of elderly dogs. And now he wanted to expand the experience on cats. It turned out that cats are not so cooperative, especially outside their living space, having in mind that owners took their cats into his home studio at first. That was a complete disaster so he decided to change tactic and to visit the chubby fluffy creatures in their environment. He used toys or makes crinkling sounds to get the cats to look toward the camera but even then some of the cats refused to work with him. Stubbornly chubby creatures!

More info: Pete Thorne, Kickstarter, Facebook (h/t: buzzfeed, theawesomedaily)


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