Photographer Captures Portraits Of People Facing A 240 MPH Leaf Blower

Photographer Martin Szabo has created a photo booth to shoot portraits of people while their faces were being blasted by 240 MPH wind coming from a leaf blower.

Martin Szabo is a commercial, advertising and portrait photographer who lives in Vancouver, BC where he works as a freelance photographer and image editor. Martin’s eye gravitates towards photographing still life, people, animals and food & beverage, as those are the things he loves most in life. His style, although always evolving, can be best described as minimalist, elegant, pure & sexy.

Martin has completed the Photography program at Langara College, where he plans to continue taking advanced classes in his spare time. His current ongoing projects include a collection of cityscapes and panoramas, as well as a 30 day travel diary shot entirely on 180 negatives on medium format film only. When he is not squinting behind the viewfinder or editing in a dark studio nook, you can usually find him obsessing over another photography book, enjoying the outdoors and the arts, cooking up a new Szabo du jour for two, or sipping on a glass of his favorite BC vintage.

More info: Martin Szabo, Instagram

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