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Belarusian Swimmer In A Potato Field Turned Out To Be A… Polish Model

Not so long ago, there was a lively discussion of a photo shoot in which an elegant girl amuses herself in every possible way on a potato field: she dives into it, arranges a swim, and eventually takes first place and receives a “bulb (belarusian potato) fur” as a gift.

More: Agnieszka Surdej (Instagram, Facebook), Pawel Dejankiewicz (Instagram, Facebook)

It’s hard to understand who was the first to throw in the information about the Belarusian woman in the pictures. Probably, the presence of potatoes in the frame played a certain role.

Later, entire investigations on this subject appeared. In particular, there was a hypothesis: in fact, the shootings were conducted in Mexico. And even the evidence was given. However, the truth was much more prosaic.

First, the photo shoot took place about a year ago. Secondly, there is a Polish model of Agnieszka Surdej, captured by a Polish photographer Pawel Dejankiewicz.

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