Create Your Own Jurassic Park

Even if you’re not particularly green-fingered, there are plenty of plants that don’t need a lot of care and attention. The likes of cacti and succulents and air plants are perfect for the forgetful plant lovers out there, and the unique products from DingaDing Terrariums are perfect to house them in.

Indeed, it’s the perfect chance to create your own mini Jurassic Park, complete with dinosaurs and lush vegetation, without getting bitten. It’s the true spirit of upcycling, where a kid’s toy can be given new life and become a colourful home for some of nature’s green children.

DingaDing was an idea born from a love of these more ‘independent’ little plants. They create a whole host of handmade dinosaur plant holders, hangers and terrariums. The plants (succulents, air plants and Marimo moss balls), which come as part of a kit, need very little care, yet provide your home with a wondrous plethora of greenery that will breath new life into a living or work space.

From elegant glass spheres, golden lions to colourful recycled dinosaurs, there’s a bit of something for everyone. So whether it’s a dinosaur on your desk with an air plant on his back, a hanging light bulb terrarium on your windowsill or a lucky Marimo terrarium, it’s sure to brighten up your day.


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