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French Street Artist Takes Recycling To Another Level By Transforming Discarded Mattresses Into Delicious Food Sculptures

Yet another example that everything can be art if you are creative enough. If you have recently thrown away your old smelly mattress, you could now have the chance to bring it back home as a delicious looking treat, except for… it would hardly fit back in your bedroom. But we can definitely appreciate a healthy dose of unhealthy food in this unusual form.

For the past 8 years, French street artist Lor-K has been on a mission to sensitize people about wastefulness by recycling unwanted waste into contemporary urban sculptures. For her latest project “Eat Me”, she cooked up giant food sculptures from old, discarded mattresses found on the streets of Paris.

In order to create these mouth-watering fast food masterpieces, she improvises with what she can find. After carving and spray painting the mattresses, she leaves them, or in other words, ultimately abandons them, where she found them, on the sidewalk – but this time, looking much more appetizing than the original.

Scroll through the urban menu this artist has prepared for you, and bon appétit!

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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