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This Duvet Suit Makes Waking Up In The Morning So Much Easier


These duvet suits combine the comfort of your bed with the practicality of a winter coat and the fashion of a business suit. Created by the Irish hotel chain Jurys Inn, the suits were designed to help sleepy Brits roll out of bed faster in the morning.

h/t: sobadsogood, metro


According to a poll from the Jury’s Inn, 56% of Brits find the task up waking up in the morning to be extremely daunting. Most of this attitude is due to lack of sleep (42%), cold temperatures outside of the duvet (40%), and fear of the work day ahead (31%). Thus, the obvious solution was to make a suit that sleepy Brits can wear straight from bed to the office.


“As a nation of workaholics, things like fatigue, lack of sleep and even the comfort of our beds can make getting up an arduous task, so we’ve created THE SUVET” says costume designer Wendy Benstead. “If there is enough interest in this prototype we will definitely consider putting a limited edition run into production – after all, who doesn’t like the thought of a duvet day, every day.”


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