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Meet the Fashion Designer Whose Fantastical Creations Reimagine Folklore for Modern Times

A young Chuvash born artist Polina Osipova is already shaping up to be a huge finding for big couture houses and those who share a love for astonishing artworks. Thanks to her unique (and we mean it) vision, she was recently requested to work with Gucci. But there is more that we can be proud of. Her idea of limelight on folk motives makes our heart melt.

Polina Osipova’s signature design is a pearl and silk ribbon headpiece reminiscent of something from a Russian folk tale. Only, it’s adorned with two surveillance cameras. It was inspired by the female heroines of Russian fairy tales who frequently had powers to see beyond their physical location, but with a timely, witty take on pop culture and ubiquitous modern-day surveillance.

More: Instagram h/t: calvertjournal, l’officiel

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