A Plush Vincent Van Gogh Doll That Comes With A Detachable Left Ear


The Unemployed Philosophers Guild sells plush Little Thinkers dolls, and their Van Gogh comes with a special feature: it has a detachable left ear that you can gift your significant other, just like Van Gogh did. Supposedly, he severed his ear in a fit of lunacy after a fight with his friend Gauguin in 1888, but new research suggests he might have lost it in a duel.

h/t: boredpanda, laughingsquid


“The tortured artist Vincent van Gogh can now be tortured just a little bit more,” reads the doll description. Unlike our other Little Thinker dolls, the Vincent van Gogh doll has a unique feature: he has a removable ear! That’s right, his ear is Velcro-backed so you can have hours of twisted fun removing van Gogh’s ear and sticking it back on again.”


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