An Artist Creates The Hyperrealistic Paintings Of Top Tourist Destinations

A British artist has brought to life some of the most vibrant cities in the world – with incredibly detailed paintings capable of making even locals double-take.

Realist painter Nathan Walsh, from York, has spent the past 12 years painting the intricate details of cities such as New York, Paris and Barcelona.

The sense of realism is partly created by Nathan’s incredible use of geometry, which involves the artist sometimes sketching and photographing more than 100 images of a location before committing to the canvas.

Depending on the complexity of the work, a painting can fetch up to a whopping $125,000.

For larger work, the drawing stage can take up to one month, before Nathan brushes over the canvas with a glaze of oil paint.

Nathan said: ‘Before I visit a city I tend not have a clear idea of what I’d like to paint – I just amble around waiting for something to connect with’.

Nathan, who was born in Lincoln, became interested in realist paintings while in university, focusing on the medium more while studying for his master’s degree.

Nathan’s works have been exhibited in the likes of Zurich and London, and today Nathan deals exclusively with the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in New York, USA.

Via The Daily Mail

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