Artist Creates Surreal Translucent Glass Sculptures Inspired By Cell Division


Jiyong Lee is an artist from Carbondale, Illinois. He has always been fascinated with cells and cell division, which gave him inspiration to create colorful geometric glass sculptures.


The simplicity and intricacy of his compositions represent the contradictory relationship between clarity and complexity found within life.


According to Jiyong Lee: “The segmentation series is inspired by my fascination with science of cell, its division and the journey of growth that starts from a single cell and goes through a million divisions to become a life. I work with glass that has transparency and translucency, two qualities that serve as perfect metaphors for what is known and unknown about life science. The segmented, geometrical forms of my work represent cells, embryos, biological and molecular structures—each symbolizing the building blocks of life as well as the starting point of life. The uniquely refined translucent glass surfaces suggest the mysterious qualities of cells and, on a larger scale, the cloudiness of their futures. The Segmentation series is subtle and quiet yet structurally complex. I transform solid glass using cutting, lamination, carving, and surface refining processes to make art that is both beautiful and deeply invested with meaning.”


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