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The Incredible Photo-Realistic Portrait Tattoos of Oleg Shepelenko

Oleg Shepelenko, a talented tattoo artist from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, has been getting international recognition thanks to his insanely detailed portrait tattoos.

The self-taught artist who works out of the Lucky Style Tattoo Shop knew he had a talent for art when he began painting in school, but never got any formal training. He got into tattoos naturally, and used YouTube tutorials as inspiration, trying to imitate masters of the art and developing his own techniques along the way. Developing an interest in hyper-realism, Shepelenko channeled his entire ambition into producing photo-realistic portrait tattoos, and is now considered one of the top hyper-realist tattoo artists in the world.

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“Not being able to describe any particular thoughts or emotions that run through his head whilst working intently on a piece, he simply says, ‘I cannot describe. This I must feel,’” World Famous Tattoo Ink reports.

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