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Coffee Kiss by Jang Woo-Seok

“Take ‘Kiss’ Out” is a coffee cup lid designed by Korean designer Jang Woo-Seok. It features puckered lips and a nose – as much human face as a lid needs for a kiss. So smooch your cup first thing in the morning!

Jang Woo-Seok is interested in graphic, industrial and furniture design. To him, the cup is a fun, yet functional design, a symbol of urban culture and fashion!

According to an artist: “I love both coffee and kisses. I always have coffee a day, but kiss can’t. So I began to sketch the idea at the cafe. Funny, I imagined people have a pure joy when walking around kiss lid in hand.”

“Different from the other coffee lids which have a usual hole to put a straw or to drink directly, Take ‘Kiss’ Out looks like a human face. Therefore, a coffee drinker experiences a visually funny and emotionally different coffee-drinking when drinking. This is a disposable cup& lid for B2B (Cafe franchise) product. Polystylene Material. And It will produce first this week.”

“There is only mouth on the lid to start with prototype. However I felt like there was something missing in our early design concept. I realized that touch the noses is essential point in order to feel realistically while i kissed. So I add the nose and face muscle to the lid. Finally, It has the lineaments of that of a Greek statue as well as a friendly face. I am sure that it is an important point to get public attention.”

“Take-out coffee is a symbol of city culture and fashion. Shape of a lip is a distinctive style, thereby the combination will be fun.”

Via Designcollector

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