Meet The Hater Box, A Random Contestation Generator As An Answer To Social Networks

Voluntarily provocative, The Hater Box transforms the principle of old split flap displays into a random generator of contestations, cold and impersonal.

To be apprehend literally or with humor, The Hater Box is a reflection on the politically correct, the censorship, the cult of our personalities, the evolution of societal norms or the outburst of anger at the time of social networks.

45 words, each chosen for its strength and ability to make people react. Whether it reinforces the observer in his ideas or confronts him over the different messages, this object is a tangible and direct reference to social networks, which can instantly switch from a serious subject to the most absurd news, without transition, much more efficiently than television did.

By mixing many concepts, from the most serious to the lightest, The Hater Box triggers an avalanche of thoughts in the observer, chaining laugh, anger, indignation or assertion of his own ideas, leaving little room for a real reflection on the meaning of these words or on his own opinion.

More info: Parse/Error, Behance, Instagram (h/t: ufunk)

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