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Creepy Ghost Statue In Lithuania Looks Like It’s Crawling Out Of The Water

Dalia Račkauskaitė

If you ever visit the quaint seaside town of Klaipeda in Lithuania, beware of the black ghost. This extremely creepy statue looks somewhat like a Dementor from the Harry Potter series, and if you’re prone to nightmares, it’s surely something out of one your very worst.

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Enrico T./TripAdvisor

The immense bronze sculpture, known as the Juodasis Vaiduoklis in Lithuanian, is 7.8 feet tall casts a very eerie vibe. Sculpted by Svajunas Jurkus and Sergejus Plotnikovas, the mysterious figure holds a lantern in one hand, as his long, sinister fingers grip the dock.

Alexander K./TripAdvisor

Located near the Memel castle remains, the black ghost is a reminder of not only Lithuanian legend but of Klaipeda’s own folklore and history. Legend has it that one evening in 1595, one of the Memel Castle guards, Hans von Heidi, while walking around the docks, saw a hooded ghostly figure.


This “black ghost” asked him about the city’s supply of grain and timber and if the amount was sufficient? The guard replied that supplies were indeed enough, but the hooded ghost warned the guard that the stocks would soon be insufficient, and with that as quickly as he appeared, it vanished.

Yevgen Belich/Shutterstock

Yevgen Belich/Shutterstock

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