This Guys Lets His Artist Wife Doodle With Sharpie Pen On His Nissan Skyline GTR – Design You Trust

This Guys Lets His Artist Wife Doodle With Sharpie Pen On His Nissan Skyline GTR


While tuning up his Nissan Skyline GTR sports car, one auto enthusiast, together with his talented and supremely dedicated artist wife, accidentally stumbled upon an amazing way to give their sleek silver vehicle an unforgettable paintjob.


The car enthusiast, who is a member of the U.S. Military, hated the car’s silver color. One evening, he let his wife doodle on a few scratches on the bumper, and when the sun came up and he saw her stunningly intricate and elegant drawings, they knew they had to forge on. While he worked on tuning the insides, she drew on the car.


After roughly 100 hours of work and several clear coats to protect the design, they had an impressively beautiful car that they had tuned up as a team!


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