This is What Happens When Donald Trump is Cast as The Princess in Classic Disney Films

As Ariel © Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

Jen Lewis of BuzzFeed enjoys evenings alone watching Rug Rats, Full House, and Donald Trump speeches while waiting for inspiration to hit. And when it does, boy oh boy, is it good! Lewis’s hilarious illustrations and GIFs are always right on the money.

As Snow White © Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

In her latest series, the semi-famous internet culture connoisseur created a series Disney Princess spoofs featuring the world’s favorite toupee-wearing comedian, Donald Trump. The billionaire appears in classic scenes playing the part of all your favorite leading ladies. Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, Ariel, they’re all here.

As Jasmine © Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

Why would someone desecrate such sweet childhood memories by bringing Trump’s face into it? Well, as Jen Lewis so aptly put it, “If I know anything about the internet, it’s that you folks sure do love Donald Trump and Disney princesses! At last, here they are in one place.”

As Pocahontas © Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

As Tiana© Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

As Cinderella© Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

As Mulan© Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

As Belle © Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

As Aurora © Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

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