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Meet Trophy Wife Barbie: She Smokes, Drinks, And Raises Hell

Trophy Wife Barbie is divorced. She drinks wine, smokes weed, and owns a massive arsenal of pink guns. She vomits, bleeds, and goes to the bathroom. She breastfeeds in public, has transgender friends, and frequently gives the finger. Oh, and she has antlers sprouting from her head.

In other words, Trophy Wife Barbie is nothing like the real Barbie.

Instead, she’s the brainchild of Annelies Hofmeyr, a Toronto-based artist. Thanks to Hofmeyr, Trophy Wife Barbie lives her wild life publicly on Instagram.

“Dolls are non-threatening and allow us to project our feelings onto them. I use Trophy Wife Barbie to explore gender issues and the modern female identity while highlighting the limitations of labels. The antlers are a physical representation of a label imposed on her. The beauty of using Barbie iconography is that I’m able to circumvent censorship and talk about more challenging topics.”

More: Instagram h/t: forbes

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