This Artist Turns Children Drawings Into Real Toys


According to Hayley from That Little Nook: “I love creating pieces with polymer clay and have been creating realistic Cake Toppers for 10 years. I wanted to add something a little different to mix up my creations and so I turned my nieces favourite Spore characters into display figures for her. Then my local radio station hosts posted pictures they had drawn onto their Instagram- they had made up Mr Men characters for each other just for fun. So I turned them into figurines for them.”

h/t: boredpanda


“The idea grew and I now create little display ornaments based on childrens drawings. I call them Kinder Figurines. I love seeing what drawings the kids come up with and enjoy the challenge of turning it into a figurine as close as I can to the finest detail – they have become 21st presents, Mother and Fathers Day gifts and one lady even got one made for her husbands Birthday from an old painting he had done years before. Ive even turned a business’ logo into a figurine. The ideas are almost endless and they make the most unique shelf or desk decor!”


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