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Artist Paints Stunningly Realistic Portraits on His Hand and Stamps Them on Paper

Artist Russell Powell creates stunningly realistic portraits on an unconventional surface – his own hand. The California-based teacher merges art and the body by painting eye-catching depictions of people on his palms. Incredibly, this textured and creased surface doesn’t deter him from adding intricate details and dramatic shading that gives the paintings a three-dimensional feel.

Powell’s works don’t just stay on his hands. Once he has completed a portrait, he touches his palm to paper. This process is called “hand-stamping,” and it’s how the artist records his pieces in a permanent way. He’s able to paint quickly enough that the medium doesn’t dry, meaning that his works are clearly imprinted. In addition, the stamping showcases Powell’s unique fingerprints and will always remind us from where his beautiful images originated.


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