“Salt In Your Wounds”: The Astonishing Fantasy Works Of Zeen Chin

Zeen Chin is a self-taught artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Drawing upon a mysterious well of horror films, memories, and mysticism, his digital paintings are wildly elegant and unpredictable; scrolling from one image to the next, you can never predict (nor comprehend) what you will see next.

Anime-like characters parade with cartoonish, folklore-inspired beasts, and elsewhere, hermits undergo bizarre experiments in muted rooms. Shifting dramatically from playful innocence to high-fetish suggestiveness, the chaos of Chin’s subject matter is transmuted into its own strange logic and beauty through the flowing lines and compositions. These latest illustrations and paintings show a real development in his illustrative style and use of colour. We have absolutely no idea what these amazing works are about, but they’re dark, magical and truly captivating.

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