18 Amazing and Rare Color Vintage Photographs of Disneyland in 1955

These magical vintage pictures of Disneyland, during its opening year of 1955, will make you wish you had a time machine.

Guests running towards Sleeping Beauty Castle. (Loomis Dean/ Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images)

Mickey Mouse’s face greets guests, as a Disneyland railroad locomotive stations in front of the Main Street station. (Loomis Dean/ Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images)

Walt Disney and a stuffed Mickey Mouse doll conduct the train as it arrives at a Main Street station. (Allan Grant/ Time Life Pictures / Getty Images)

Walt, along with his daughters Diane and Sharon, wife Lilly, and a guest enjoy some quiet time at his private apartment on Main Street, U.S.A. (Gene Lester / Getty Images)

Walt takes the reigns of a red, horse-drawn fire wagon for a ride around Main Street. (Gene Lester / Getty Images)

Children running freely through the gate of Sleeping Beauty Castle. (Allan Grant/ Time Life Pictures / Getty Images)

No trip to Disneyland is complete without a ride on the Mad Tea Party. (Allan Grant/ Time Life Pictures / Getty Images)

Kids enjoying (?) a terrifying ride through Snow White and her Adventures. (Loomis Dean/ Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images)

An aerial shot of Fantasyland. (Loomis Dean / Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images)

Walt and his grandson taking a break and enjoying some soft drinks in Frontierland. (Gene Lester / Getty Images)

The Mark Twain riverboat begins its journey around the Rivers of America. (Loomis Dean/ Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images)

Showgirls enjoy a fantastic view of the Rivers of America from atop the Golden Horseshoe Saloon. (Loomis Dean/ Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images)

Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, Donald Duck, and Captain Hook await for the parade to start. (Allan Grant/ Time Life Pictures / Getty Images)

A Seven Dwarf entertains the crowd on Main Street during the parade. (Allan Grant/ Time Life Pictures / Getty Images)

Tomorrowland gets its own section during the parade. (Allan Grant/ Time Life Pictures / Getty Images)

Guests enjoy a nice break in the shade near the TWA rocket in Tomorrowland. (Loomis Dean/ Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images)

Kids putting pedal to the metal on Autopia. (Loomis Dean/ Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images)

Walt and his grandson enjoy the view from in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. (Gene Lester / Getty Images)

Via Vintage Everyday, BuzzFeed, Disney Avenue

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