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Introducing Michael Najjar, The First Artist In Space

Michael Najjar has gone to the edge of tomorrow and captured what the future of space travel might look like. His project Outer Space was created while he trained for the so-far ill-fated Virgin Galactic project, flying at twice the speed of sound in a MIG-29. The results are a study in the possibilities of 21st-century celestial flight. He will travel into not-so-deep space later this year, Branson-permitting.

Image above: Spaceport, 2012

Outer Space is at Galleria Studio la Cittàˆ in Verona, Italy from 26 September to 15 November.

Image above: Sands of mars, 2014

Sands of mars, 2014

Serious anomaly, 2015

Muse, 2014

Space voyagers, 2014

Gravitational rotator, 2013

Orbital spy, 2015

Desert sky, 2014

Kinetic drift, 2014

Liquid gravity, 2013

Space debris I, 2012

Via Guardian

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