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Heres What Baby Yoda Would Look Like As All The Disney Princesses

Disney’s The Mandalorian has turned into a phenomenon, partly because it’s just a great show but also in part because of the adorable Baby Yoda, who has stolen fan’s hearts since he debuted at the end of the first episode.

Baby Yoda has since become a fixture of the show, resulting in some hilarious memes and videos that have taken the internet by storm. It’s also resulted in some amazing fan art, including this set of fan art from artist Crystal Ro, who decided to give a Baby Yoda makeover to some of Disney’s most iconic Princesses, and the results are stellar.

Whether you love Disney classics like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, or Pocahontas, you’re in luck, because there’s something here for everyone. Baby Yoda brings each one to life in amazing ways, and it will make you wish there was a dedicated Disney Cartoon featuring the newest Star Wars addition.

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