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Street Artist Projects Fashionista Animals On Buildings In Paris


French artist Julien Nonnen, has created “Safari Urbain,” a collection of human-like fashionista animal images that have been projected on buildings throughout Paris.


Julien Nonnon’s work revolves mainly on the interaction of his creations with architecture and urban features that surround it.


His luminous artwork exposes the matter, irregularities, reliefs, and enhances all these imperfections, thus revealing the beauty of real life.


The city then becomes his field of expression, a place full of possibilities and exceptional encounters.


SAFARI URBAIN is in line with this approach and is born of a fierce desire to take the works to the streets, confront them directly to urban wildlife and make them reachable without degrading the walls. Leaving without a trace.


These ephemeral graffitis, short-lived souvenirs for the passer-by, are captured by the artist, named after the streets, mapped and will be printed full size on art paper, thus immortalizing this phantasmagorical menagerie.


This bestiary coming right out of fashion magazines, questions our behavior, our ambivalent desire to be both unique and wanting to belong to a well-defined group.


In our way of dressing, we express our vision of the world, while indirectly revealing our social position and financial power.


Fashion is nothing other than a means of communication, of integration and belonging to a group. Thus, the artist denounces, through his anthropomorphic creatures such urban myths and social influence which can lead to conformity.

Via Contemporist

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