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Artist Illustrates Fruits And Veggies With Human Thoughts

The Freshest Foods is a masterpiece by Alex Solis, a gifted artist who describes himself as an illustrator, 3D sculptor, and b-boy. Being known for his out-of-the-box ideas, he created a series of hilarious illustrations in which fruits and veggies are humanized.

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“Freshest Foods was a way to challenge myself and to show I can also do stuff not focused on pop culture,” the artist told Bored Panda. “It started as one or two drawings and brainstorming with simple objects to create something out of something simple like a carrot.”

According to Solis, he has been doing art ever since he could remember, and It has been there for him through hard times and good. “Growing up in a humble environment where I didn’t have much, art has always been it, I’m lucky in that way that it was never a doubt what I wanted to do with my life. Everything inspires me, I see my art as a window of expression of myself and what happens around me.”

He documents his work on Instagram where his photos regularly get thousands of likes.

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