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“Physiology of the Humanoid”: The Digital Surrealism of Frenetik Void

As digital technologies change the definition of what it means to be human, the relationship between physical presence, virtual identity and digital corporeality becomes more diffuse. The work of Frenetik Void unfolds in a science-fiction environment, a post-human universe inhabited by mutating beings, hybrids in which limits are vanished. The suspended bodies in liquid natures build scenes of surrealistic airs.

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“I’ve always searched for ways of expressing myself digitally. As a kid, I used the editing features within video games to create my own games inside the games, haha. The idea and process of destroying something to create something new out of it, or simply change something to try to give it meaning, has always come naturally. At one point I started sharing the things I did for fun and people started to interact with them and some very interesting conversations happened. I realized that they maybe even felt something, which could be the same or different than what I was feeling, but there was definitely a new channel of communication, a new bridge being built between me and everybody else. All this was very new to me and turned my world and reality around. I felt I was contributing to something bigger than myself. That is one of the main things that have stayed with me, and that still gives me the drive to go on,” he said.

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