“100 Grumpy Animals”: Artist Draws a Grumpy Animal For Each Day of 2020

The artist who goes by the name Beast Flaps on Instagram decided to draw one grumpy animal each day this year, and 2020 has given us plenty of reasons to be grumpy, so we can relate.

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” It was only the first week of the new year, and I was already fed up and grumpy. I had a pile of paperwork to sort through, a backlog of work to get done and more than a few bills to pay. I was asked to stop everything and urgently draw a cute greeting card for a friend (as a favour… of course) and before I knew it I had drawn an angry duckling saying QUACK F***ING QUACK. It made me laugh out loud and I shared it online. It quickly became apparent that it was making a few other people smile too, and so a promise was made. No matter what else life would bring in 2020, I would set aside enough time each day to draw and post a daily grumpy animal. This book is the unstoppable force of 100 days of grumpy animal drawings.”

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