The 8Bit Deck (Red Back): A Pixel Art Playing Card Deck

The 8Bit Deck is back with a fresh new look! The new iteration features red backs and a gold foil embossed tuck box!

Each card, number and pip were designed and executed in a sprite-editing software called aseprite. Each deck contains 56 cards: 52 core playing cards, 2 unique jokers, 1 project description and 1 ad/self-promo card.

More: Kickstarter

According to an author: “My name is Michael B. Myers Jr. (drawsgood) and I am a huge fan of pixel art and retro gaming. In 2019, I began designing a few face cards for what, at the time, might have been an 8-Bit solitaire game or something similar. As the process continued, the idea of making these pixel art cards in to actual high-quality playing cards came to mind, and thus the 8Bit Deck was born. Each card has been crafted pixel by pixel, and the color palette was heavily inspired by the Pico-8 fantasy console, developed by Lexaloffle.

The 8Bit Deck will be manufactured by the USPCC (United States Playing Card Company) to ensure high quality and durability for each and every deck.”

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