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Vote With Your Butt By Hubbub – A Smart Way To Keep Streets Clean

“Normally we encourage people to think outside the box, but not this time…” UK’s Hubbub writes on their website.

The company, which aims to communicate environmental issues in a relatable way, has started a campaign to “Vote With Your Butt” in an effort to help keep London’s streets free of cigarette butt liter.

So, rather than toss your cigarette on the ground, voting ashtrays spread around central London pose sports-related questions and put the butts up to a vote.

Essentially, the more butts, the more votes — and thus the answers to some of sport’s most debatable questions are revealed.

And at the same time, the surrounding environment stays that much cleaner.

The project is in collaboration with Commonworks, a design studio that specializes in interactive design, moving image, and graphic design, according to their website.

And this isn’t the genius campaign thought up by the collaborators.

To help keep streets clean from chewing gum, (it costs about $2.30 to remove each piece), Hubbub launched “Chew Is It?“, an installation that reveals an image or fact as more pieces of gum are stuck to it.

According to Hubbub, “Our public polling discovered that a staggering 86% of people think littering is a disgusting habit yet only 15% of us would actually confront someone and tell them that.”

Be sure to follow the #NeatStreets hashtag to support the anti-littering campaign.

Via A Plus, Reddit

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