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Easily Shoot 360° Video With Dot

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Looking for an easy way to capture 360 degree video on your iPhone 4/4S when you’re out experiencing the world?

Look no further!

Dot is more than a lens for your iPhone. It’s a fast and fun way to shoot fully-interactive 360 degree video which you can then share instantly with your friends online. Just snap it on your phone, shoot a panoramic video (we call them “Dotspots”), then post to facebook, twitter. Or you can just email it to someone you love – all from Kogeto’s free app.

We love capturing video on our iPhone and now thanks to Kogeto we can take amazingly awesome 360 degree video with the click of a button. It’s that simple. Not only is the video quality great but the interactive 360 views are unreal. We’re all about innovative and well designed products when it comes to add-ons to your iPhone and this one truly sets itself apart from the rest of them. When Kogeto says they’re trying to help you share the world around you… they’re dead serious.

Easily Share the World Around You!

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