20 Powerful Pieces Of Street Art That’ll Make Your Heart Beat Faster


There are always two ways of doing anything: you can either give it your all, or slack off. The author’s attitude will always be reflected in the final result. Street art is no different in this respect: some works won’t catch anyone’s eye, whilst others will become true masterpieces that cleverly interact with their surroundings.

h/t: brightside

Croatia. By Lonac.

Poznan, Poland. By Radosław Barek.

Among the glaciers of North America, USA. By Hula.

Naples, Italy. By Jorit AGOch.

Réunion Island, France. By Seth Land.

Miami, USA. By CLAP — Meataxe Design.

Rome, Italy. By Alberonero.

Amsterdam, Netherlands. By Leon Keer.

Minsk, Belarus. By Os Gemeos.

Thailand. By Oakoak.

Sydney, Australia. By Michael Pederson.

France. By CLET.

Djerba, Tunisia. By Pantónio.

Melbourne, Australia. By James Cochran.

Secret location. By Vhils.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. By Kilia Llano.

Paris, France. By Levalet.

Dexter, USA. By David Zinn.

Melbourne, Australia. By FIN DAC.

Montreal, Canada. By Phillip Adams.

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