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Alien Landscapes


These stunning photographs may look like alien planets, but they are actually satellite images of planet Earth. Commercial satellite company DigitalGlobe recently released the images as a way of highlighting the incredible detail of their imagery – the highest-resolution commercial satellite imagery in the world. Some of the images – taken above Afghanistan, Algeria, Peru, Russia and the United States – look more like abstract works by Mondrian than segments of the globe. DigitalGlobe, based in Westminster, Colo., launched its first satellite in 1999 and currently has four in operation. Here: Sutter, California.


Palmyra, Syria.


Las Vegas, Nevada.


Trementina, New Mexico.

Pampa San Alejo, Peru.

Paramonga, Peru.

Los Olivos, California.

Minaret of Jam, Afghanistan.


Dura-Europos, now in Syria.


San Al Hajr Qabliyah, Egypt.

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